Donte miller

Donte is a co-founder and executive director at the Village. He graduated in 2015 from Morehouse College with a degree in business accounting. Previously, Donte worked as the director of finance at the Atlanta Micro Fund and has had internship experience at Google in small business sales and Goldman Sachs in securities. He focuses on strategy, consulting, business development and client acquisition in the Village.


nathan jones

Nate is a Co-Founder and president of the board of directors at the Village. Prior to the Village he was a valuation analyst at a distressed debt private equity fund. Prior to that he spent two summers as an intern at at Goldman Sachs in New York. He also serves on the board of the Southwest Atlanta Growers Cooperative. Nate is a proud graduate of Morehouse College. 


robin mckinnie

Robin is a co-founder at the Village and class of 2017 at Morehouse College, studying economics and philosophy. Robin is a budding community organizer and sits in the middle of finance and development. He's had experience interning at Apple in corporate finance, and at BMO Capital Markets in their real estate investment banking group. He focuses on finance and technology; bridging the gap between the two.