Every quarter we host a cohort of at least 10 entrepreneurs and provide hands on technical assistance and consulting through panel style conversations and workshops with members of the village, partner organizations, local city officials and business leaders dedicated to helping participants build stronger businesses in their communities.

At the top of the page, you'll see our very own Akua Taylor, owner of Ashview Heights Bed & Breakfast and part of the Village, at her ribbon cutting ceremony! Below is more of our village.


Keitra bates

Keitra, our first client is a serial entrepreneur and owner of Westview Pizza cafe. Together, we were able to raise over $4,000 from community based crowdfunding alone! Keitra was so impressed with our services, we've been able to continue working with her on her new venture, Marddy's, a commercial kitchen and marketplace for local food entrepreneurs. If you like the idea, consider giving to it by clicking on the button below.


jr murphy

JR is an urban farmer and owner of Joy and Reflect Gardens located in English Avenue. He produces organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and 100% Raw organic honey. We were able to create JR's logo, website, and social media pages so that JR can focus on what he loves doing; transforming his community through gardening and nutrition.

shawn walton

Shawn Walton is an activist and the founder of WeCycle Atlanta. WeCycle is a bike shop in Ashview Heights that uses biking as a tool to address affordable transportation, health and wellness, and mentorship within the community. We were able to work with Shawn to help with his financial reporting, accounting, capacity. Shawn is now starting up The WAY Atlanta, a community center with the mission to keep our youth engaged, healthy, and productive. Donate below!