We had a wild idea, what if people could invest in their local businesses and get paid as the businesses do well?

We work with entrepreneurs either through our small business cohort or consulting projects to ensure they are running a viable business. We then use our crowdfunding platform Villageseed.co to raise money for the business and structure the money raised into either debt (loans) or equity (shares) instruments. This allows people of the community to make actual investments into these businesses. Every quarter, as the businesses earn money, the investors do too.

What we've seen is this method creates a feeling of ownership for the residents investing in their neighborhood businesses, which makes them more likely to use the products and services of these businesses. 

If you want to invest locally click the button below. If you are looking to raise some money for your business, email us on our contact page.

We invest along side the community in all businesses that get funded . Literally. For every dollar we invest in our projects, $3.60 is invested by people like you.