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Consulting Services


Consulting Services

At the village, we are our local entrepreneurs biggest fans. Because we are actually a part of the community we live and operate in, we understand your needs and obstacles better than anyone else. Our goal is to see you succeed in the way that only you can, and we do this through our one on one consulting services. We  use a systematic approach to look at your business as a whole and find your pain points, then use our knowledge, skills, and resources to find a solution. We approach this through a wide range of services, focusing in accounting, marketing, web design, and operations. In the Village, our only assets are our people, our capital, and our reputation, with the last being the most difficult to recover if lost. Understanding this, we ensure a top class customer experience and boast a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Intrested in hearing more? Call Donte Miller at (864)908-8591
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Our Services

Our Services

We Offer

Marketing and Branding - $800

Generating leads, getting new customers and gaining marketing expertise are some of the biggest challenges small businesses face today. Whether you're starting from the beginning or are building on a brand, we can help you get to where you want to be. .

  • Marketing audit and consultation
  • Branding mood board
  • Online Advertising Implementation
    • Google, Facebook, Instagram
  • Marketing Material Creation
    • Banners, labels, flyers, social media posts, business cards, stationary

Management Consulting - $1500

We offer management consulting for the businesses that want the full package. We believe ourselves to be solutionist; if you have a problem, we have a solution. We audit the business on all fronts to determine the root of your issue. We work a bit like Doctors, pressing until it hurts until we find the problem. Once we find it, we exhaust all of our resources to help you overcome your obstacle. We believe this to be our best package, because it allows us to take a look at your whole business rather than a piece, allowing for a better understanding of your business.


Web Development - $500-$1000

 Your online presence can make or break your business; it's the first thing many people use to judge the validity of a business and a representative of you when you aren't in the room. We offer different levels of service depending on your need, starting at $500. People are visual creatures and often judge off of appearances, so don't let a website be the thing to hold you back. Let us help you be great!

  • Current site analysis and consultation
  • Website mood board
  • Website design - SquareSpace or Wix
  • Search Engine Optimization

Accounting and Finance - $1500

Accounting and Finance are two areas many small business owners struggle with. We can fix that. Depending on your need and means, we can be a one time fix or your ongoing partner so you can just focus on what it is you really love working on; your craft! 

  • Quickbooks Recordkeeping
  • Filing Taxes (For and Non Profit)
  • Financial Analysis and consultation
  • Fundraising



The largest issue for small business owners is a lack of access to capital. There are so many entrepreneurs with great ideas that can't act on them because of a lack of money. We address this issue through our crowdfunding platform, Villageseed.co. If you're interested in this, let us know by sending a message through our contact page.

Intrested in hearing more? Call Donte Miller at (864)908-8591