The Village Micro Fund is a grassroots micro finance organization with the goal to help entrepreneurs, primarily in underbanked and under-resourced neighborhoods in Metro Atlanta, run stronger businesses and better access to capital.


Village Small Business Workshop

Small Business Training

Every quarter we select 10 entrepreneurs and provide hands on technical assistance, advisement, mentorship and panel style conversations with partner organizations, volunteers ("villagers"), local city officials and business leaders dedicated to helping participants build stronger businesses in their communities

Cooperative Investing

We have a pretty simple approach to finance,  we believe people care a lot more about things they own. We invest along side our community in businesses that we work with. Literally. For every dollar we invest in our projects $3.60 is invested by the community .

Before anything else, we're about community. The "Village" is ever growing collective of neighbors, friends, classmates, concerned citizens and much more. Most importantly we're all people who love our community and come together to invest our skills, time and money to help direct the development of our neighborhoods a few businesses at a time.